To register now for the webcast subscription, please use one of the Paypal buttons below. Webcast Subscriptions are available for $120 payable annually or in monthly installments of $10.

Both subscription options include the Subscription Webcast Channel as well as hundreds of hours of on-demand re-broadcasts of Gelek Rimpoche’s audio and video teachings and retreats. The Vajrayana subscription includes the above with additional periodic broadcasts suitable for those with full initiation from a qualified teacher.

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If you have clicked on a link in the Digital Dharma area and been redirected here either your subscription has expired or you do not have the subscription level necessary for that page.

If you have previously had a subscription that has been cancelled, please login before renewing your subscription. Your username and password will still work, though you will not be able to access the paid content. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it with the link on the login page.

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