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H. E. Dagyab Rinpoche On Arrogance

V. Arrogance

49. Even if I enjoy an excellent reputation in society, it is basically just a façade. In reality I am just a small, helpless human being. Therefore, arrogance is a falsehood.

50. Arrogance blocks the development of all good qualities. The moment I have a feeling of knowing something when I have in fact only grasped a fraction of the matter is the moment in which arrogance arises. This is very dangerous! “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

51. It is really disgraceful if I am still arrogant and egocentric in spite of this. (Especially) if I am a knowledgeable and experienced person, I am a bad example of human qualities and values.

52. It is a good sign if a sense of how little I still really understand becomes stronger in me, the more my knowledge of inner qualities deepens.

In short: I do not want to remain as stupid as I have been until now.

~ H. E. Dagyab Rinpoche, Being A Good Human Being, 2005


Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2018

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