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Your membership in Jewel Heart helps present and preserve authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachings transmitted by Gelek Rimpoche and Jewel Heart’s guest lamas and teachers.

Prayers for Gelek Rimpoche and Jewel Heart

Prayer for Gelek Rimpoche Quick Return.pdf
Jewel Heart Prayer Composed by Demo Rinpoche.pdf

Summer Retreat 2016

Odyssey Bookmark.pdf
Odyssey to Freedom.pdf
Tenzhuk Gelek Rimpoche.pdf
Blue Prayer Book.pdf

Summer Retreat 2015

Lamrim Delam English (Translated from the Tibetan under Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche's guidance by Rosemary Patton).pdf
Bodhisattva's Way of Life 2012.pdf
Bodhisattva's Way of Life Chapter 10.pdf

Prayers and Practices

9th Chapter Wisdom Teachings Geshe Yeshe Thapke 2011.pdf
Jewel Heart Blue Prayer Book Interactive.pdf
Shantidevas Bodhicaryavatara Ch 9 Gelek Rimpoche 2013.pdf
9th Chapter Wisdom Teachings Geshe Yeshe Thapke 2010.pdf

Jewel Heart Guided Meditations

To listen to the Jewel Heart Guided Meditations online please click here. To download these meditations please see below.

Guided Meditations


Retreat Materials

Summer Retreat 2014 Madhyamaka

Bodhisattva Paths, Stages and Practices.pdf
Form and Formless Realms.pdf
Geshe Yeshe Thapke teaching on Four Schools in Tibetan.pdf
Reading Materials for Summer Retreat 2014.docx
Shantideva's Bodhicaryavatara Ch 9 Gelek Rimpoche 2013.pdf
Six Desire Realms.pdf
9th Chapter Wisdom Teaching Geshe Yeshe Thapke 2011.pdf
9th Chapter Wisdom Teachings Geshe Yeshe Thapke 2010.doc
Bodhisattva Paths and Stages.pdf

Winter Retreat 2014 Mahamudra

Mahamudra commentary. (Translation Thupten Jinpa).pdf
Mahamudra root text T- Jinpa transliteration with cover.pdf
Long Mandala Offering in 23 Heaps 5.pdf

Summer Retreat 2012

Bodhisattva's Way of Life 2012.pdf

Visual Aids

Base, Path, Result in Lam Rim.pdf
Bodhisattva Paths and Stages.pdf
Bodhisattva Paths, Stages and Practices.pdf
Eight Symbols of Good Fortune.pdf
Form and Formless Realms.pdf
Gom Slide Show.pdf
Lam rim Lineage tree Diagram.pdf
Lama Chopa Lineage Tree Diagram.pdf
Lama Chopa Tree Tangka.pdf
Mind and Mental Faculties.pdf
Nyur Lam Slide Show.pdf
Odyssey Bookmark.pdf
Representation of the Universe.pdf
Six Desire Realms.pdf
7 Requirements of a King.pdf
16 Aspects of 4 Noble Truths.pdf
37 Heap Mandala English.pdf
37 Heap Mandala Tibetan.bmp
37 Heap Mandala Transliteration.pdf

Jewel Heart Tunes

To listen to the Jewel Heart Prayer and Lama Chopa tunes online please click here. To download these tunes please see below.

Jewel Heart Prayer Tunes

Perfection of Wisdom.mp3
7 Limbs.mp3
Shakyamunis Mantra.mp3
Avalokiteshvaras Long Mantra.mp3
Om Mani Padme Hum.mp3
Taras Mantra.mp3
Wisdom Mantra.mp3
4 Immeasurables.mp3
Mig Me Tse.mp3

Lama Chopa Tunes

01 Instantaneous Arising.mp3
02 Refuge A.mp3
02 Refuge B.mp3
03 Bodhimind.mp3
04 Bodhimind.mp3
06 Generating Supreme Field.mp3
11 Invocation.mp3
14 Seven Limbs Praise.mp3
19 Outer Offerings.mp3
24 Mandala Offering.mp3
25 Practice Offering.mp3
27 Inner Offering.mp3
28 Secret Offering.mp3
29 Offering What Is.mp3
30 Offering Medicine and Self.mp3
31 Remainder of Seven Limbs.mp3
36 Requests.mp3
46 Khyo Ni Lama.mp3
47 Four Initiations.mp3
49 Stages Of The Lam Rim.mp3
60 Tong Len.mp3
61 Continue Stages of Lam Rim.mp3
66 Paramitas.mp3
81 Dedication.mp3
83 Auspiciousness.mp3

Tsoh Tunes

04 Tsoh Offering To Guests.mp3
09 Tsoh Offering To Vajra Master.mp3
10 Tsoh Master Reply.mp3
11 Tsoh Dakini Song.mp3
18 Tsoh Left Over Offerings.mp3
02 Tsoh InvitingThe Guests.mp3

Other Tunes

Medicine Buddha mantra.mp3
Ushnishavijaya mantra.mp3
Vajrasattva mantra.mp3
Gelek Rimpoche Name mantra chant.mp3

Vajrayana Area

STOP: To read or download Vajrayana materials from this site, one needs to have received full initiation from a qualified teacher. By clicking on any of these materials you affirm you have received the appropriate initiations. If you have any questions about this, please email [email protected] or call 734-994-3387.

Click here to show Vajrayana

Vajrayana Materials and Downloads

A Short Six Session Guru Yoga.pdf
Cittamani Tara Extended Sadhana Interactive (Sept 2019).pdf
Ganden Lha Gyema (August 2019).pdf
Hayagriva Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf
How to Practice a Short Six Session Guru Yoga.pdf
Lama Chopa (September 2019).pdf
Lama Chopa_Tsog_Quick Return Interactive (September 2019).pdf
Long Six Session Yoga formatted.pdf
Praise to the Twenty-One Taras (August 2019).pdf
Short Vajrayogini Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf
Tara Mantra.pdf
Tara Meditation.pdf
Tara Short Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf
The Extremely Abbreviated Sadhana of Yamantaka (Sept 2019).pdf
The Three Principles of the Path, Root Text (Sept. 2019).pdf
The Uncommon Guru Yoga of Cittamani Tara (August 2019).pdf
Three Purities of Heruka (August 2019).pdf
Vajrayana Prayer Book Interactive (September 2019).pdf
Vajrayogini Medium Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf
Vajrayogini Short Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf
White Tara Long Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf
Yamantaka Long Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf
Yamantaka Medium Sadhana (Sept 2019).pdf

Winter Retreat 2017 Materials

Ganden Lhagye ma Pabongka - Fabrizzio Palotti Translation.pdf
Ganden Lhagyema Uncommon on line.pdf
Pabongkas Prayer to Meet Tsongkhapas Teaching Vincent Translation.pdf
Prayer for the Flourishing of Je Tsongkhapa's Teachings - Losang Gyaltenma.pdf
VY Self initiation 2015 Electronic.pdf
Winter Retreat 2017 Schedule.docx
9th Chapter Wisdom Teaching Geshe Yeshe Thapke 2011.pdf

Winter Retreat 2016 Materials

Yamantaka Amended Outlines 2016.pdf
Yamantaka Connection Offering with lineage prayer.pdf
Yamantaka Lama Chöpa with Tibetan 2013 optimized.pdf
Yamantaka Long Sadhana.pdf
Yamantaka Sadhana (Medium Length).pdf
Yamantaka Self Initiation Thurman Translation.pdf
Sixty-Four Offerings.pdf
Solitary Hero Yamantaka Dedication Prayer English-Tibetan 5.pdf
The Abbreviated Yamantaka Sadhana.pdf

Tsoh at Home

Lama Chöpa and Tsoh at Home.pdf
Vajrayogini Long Sadhana and Tsoh at Home.pdf

Lama Chopa Workshop

Lama Chopa Workshop

Vajrasattva Guided Meditation

Vajrasattva Guided Meditation – Gelek Rimpoche

Prayers and Practices

Jewel Heart Vajrayana Prayer Book Interactive.pdf
Long Tara Sadhana.pdf
Short Tara Tib-Eng-Sanskrit Alphabet.pdf

Jewel Heart Retreat at Garrison Institute 2015

Robert Thurman — 2 Sessions
Joe Loizzo — 1 Session

Vajrayana Audio Prayers

Prayer to Noble Tara.mp3
Six Session Guru Yoga.mp3
Vajrayogini Short Sadhana.mp3
Yamantaka Short Sadhana.mp3
Cittamani Tara Guru Yoga.mp3
Heruka Three Purities.mp3

Winter Retreat 2013 Lama Chopa

Yamantaka Lama Chopa with Tibetan 2-16-13.pdf
Heruka Lama Chopa with Tibetan 2-15-13.pdf
Winter Retreat 2013 Prayers.pdf

Visual Aids

Skull Cup and Chopper.pdf
Tara's External Life Chakra.pdf
Tara's External Protection Wheel from Inside.pdf
Tara's Internal Life Chakra.pdf
Tibetan Syllables.pdf
Vajrayana Ornaments Page.pdf
Vajrayogini 3 Main Tormas.pdf
Vajrayogini 5 Tormas.pdf
Vajrayogini Blessing Inner Offering.pdf
Vajrayogini Fire Puja Drawing.pdf
Vajrayogini Offering Deities.pdf
Vajrayogini Reality Source 3 Dimensional.pdf
YAMANTAKA 34 Arms Symbolism.pdf
Yamantaka Altar Offerings.pdf
Yamantaka Once Face Two Arms.pdf
4 Chakras and Lotus.pdf
4 chakras Separately.pdf
5 Buddhas.pdf
21 Taras Diagram in Cittamani Tara.pdf
32 Deities of Guhyasamaja.pdf
32 deities of Guhyasmaja in Lama Chopa body mandala.pdf
Bam and Mantra Mala Tibetan.pdf
Bell, Vajra and Damaru.pdf
Central Channel.pdf
Channels and Chakras.pdf
Elemental Mandala.pdf
Gek tor - Three Finger Torma.pdf
HUM Colors and Dissolution in Yamantaka.pdf
Hum Marked by Tam - Tam Marked by Hum.pdf
Inner Offering Vajrayogini.pdf
Kandarohi Drawing.pdf
Katanga, Skull Club and Kalarupa.pdf
Lama Chopa Guhysamaja Body Mandala.pdf
Lotus in Vajrayogini.pdf
Mahasiddhas Vajrayogini lineage.pdf
Mandala Palace Vajradharma.pdf
Manjusrhri Sword.pdf
Mudras in Vajrayogini.pdf
Nine of the Ten Wrathful Protectors.pdf
Outer and Sense Offering godesses in Vajrayogini.pdf
Outer Offerings.pdf
Seed Syllables Vajrayogini.pdf

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