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Jataka Tales 4-25-2021

There is one story in Buddha’s teachings. I don’t think it is from the Jataka tales. There was a man walking on the path. Suddenly he saw a snake. He was so scared that he tried to run away from the snake. The snake said, “Stop, don’t run. If I wanted to, I could chase…
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The Brahmin Student from Jataka Tales

Among the mental faculties as part of your mind, there are two roots for virtuous minds. These are in Tibetan ngo tsa she pa and trel yö pa. [The first] means your ability to feel embarrassed to do non-virtuous deeds by yourself. You are feeling hesitant to do it, not by the reason of others…
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Feeling The Suffering

I am going to be very critical about this to myself and to you. A lot of us will talk about compassion. A lot of us will think about it. A lot of us will try to do things. but we must make sure it is not wishy-washy. This is one of our biggest challenges….
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Recognizing The Delusions

The first question in improving is: how and what? For that we come to what I call delusions. With this word I am basically referring to anger, attachment, hatred, fear, laziness, a wandering mind (i.e. inability to concentrate or think), and ignorance. These are the sorts of categories that I refer to as delusions. What…
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How Buddha Developed Bodhimind

When Buddha was not yet a buddha, he was in the hell-realm. Both Buddha and another guy were used to pull a cart to plough the land, like horses. The guard that was behind them, was beating this other guy. Buddha looked at his companion and developed a tremendous amount of compassion. And when this…
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