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Ride the Horse of Enthusiasm (Demo Rinpoche – Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. #211 June 30, 2024)
In Shantideva’s Bodhisattva’s Way of Life he says, After patience, you have to focus on enthusiasm.People who have enthusiasm will find enlightenment. Then he gives examples – Without wind there is no movement. Likewise, without enthusiasm we will not accumulate any merit. When we say merit, often we are thinking about a light. Something that we...
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Expectations Increase Negative Emotions Levels (Demo Rinpoche – Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. #210 – June 23, 2024)
Sometimes in everyday life, one thing that causes problems is our expectations. In teachings like the Mind Training, they say “don’t hold hope”. I think what they mean by “hope” is expectations. There is a little difference between hope and expectations. Whenever you do something you can have hope, and that is your awareness of...
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Adopt Virtue, Discard Non-Virtue (Demo Rinpoche – Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. # 199 – March 31, 2024)
In Buddha’s Sutra he says: Discard non-virtue that is already generated. Prevent non-virtue not yet generated. Develop virtue that already have generated. Generate virtue not yet generated yet. In order to do these four deeds, have the motivation first. Then try, and then work hard, then hold your mind and then place your mind. Usually there are two...
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Fulfilling Our Goals (Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. #153)
Looking Back Every new year, I feel like “Gosh, what happened to the last 12 months? What did I do”? I think about what I did last year and then about what I will do for the next 12 months. Sometimes, it is a little uneasy because you are interrogating yourself. My mind has to...
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Enthusiasm and Laziness (Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. #150)
Enthusiasm and Laziness To get enthusiasm we have to drop laziness. I even have to say it slowly: laaazzineeeess. When we think about laziness what comes to mind? A turtle or a sloth, an animal that moves slowly. But laziness is not about whether you move slowly or quickly. There are three kinds of laziness....
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