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Welcome to Jewel Heart’s blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche’s and Demo Rinpoche’s teachings, and periodic updates on what’s happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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Prince Sutasoma – from Jataka Tale #31

Once the Buddha born as a prince named Sutasoma. One day he came upon a great teacher of sacred verses. The prince respectfully asked the teacher to recite some verses. But, before the teaching began, a man eating monster known as Saudasa, shattered the peace of the park. The compassionate prince decided to cure Saudasa…
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Mahabodhi the Renunciate – from Jataka Tale #23

Mahabodhi the Renunciate – from Jataka Tale 23 While still a Bodhisattva, the Buddha was a wandering renunciate named Mahabodhi. Everyday a certain king would listen to Mahabodhi’s teachings on wisdom and compassion. The king’s ministers grew jealous, but could not outshine him in debate. So the ministers began to sow doubt in the king’s…
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The Enchantress – from Jataka Tale #13

Once in a previous life the Buddha was a king of the Shibis. Like a parent to his children, he was devoted to his subjects. In his kingdom there was a young woman of enchanting beauty, they called her the Enchantress. When the king sent his ministers to determine if she was suitable to become…
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Just a Bit of Gruel – from Jataka Tale #3

The Buddha was once a virtuous, generous king of Koshala. After remembering his previous birth, his gifts of charity increased manyfold and his good conduct was ceaseless. While teaching the power of good deeds, the king would often recite a verse that ended with: All this glory is the fruit of just a bit if…
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The Sharabha Deer – from Jataka Tale #25

Once the Buddha was born as a bodhisattva in the form of a Sharabha Deer. This sharabha was magnificent in all respects. He lived in the deep forest content to subsist on leaves and grace. Although he was the shape of an animal, his mind was as steadfast as any human. One day the king…
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