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Why Train Your Mind? [VIDEO]

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A Great Society Based in Compassion

When I look back at my life, the time that I had in my childhood was the best in my life. Maybe everybody has the same thing, but my childhood in the monastery was the happiest period. There were little worries here and there, but those were not the worries of getting food and clothes,…
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True Spiritual Gain

On the one hand, we have such a wonderful life, and such a wonderful mind, such a capable mind. That has no limitation for whatsoever. If any individual wants to do anything, there are no limitations, particularly in this country. It is true that it is the country of opportunity. You may be thinking normally…
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Intelligent Compassion Means Don’t Take Abuse

Before I talk about love and compassion I would like to say one thing. Under the excuse of love and compassion, do not put yourself as the subject of abuse by anyone. To take abuse in the name of compassion is not right, but you cannot give up on the abuser either. You cannot say,…
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Bottom Line Tibetan Buddhsim

In Tibetan Buddhism there is tremendous philosophy and theological ideas. Also it is very simple and very easy. At the bottom line it will boil down to yourself and your own thoughts. It is simply what you want. We know we don’t want any misery and we know that even the lack of misery becomes…
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