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Welcome to Jewel Heart’s blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche’s and Demo Rinpoche’s teachings, and periodic updates on what’s happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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The Sharabha Deer – from Jataka Tale #25

In a previous life, the Buddha was born as a Bodhisattva in the form of a Sharabha Deer. This sharabha was magnificent in all respects, swift, vigorous, graceful and elegant. He lived happily in the deep forest, far from human habitation, content to subsist on leaves and grace, with nothing but kindness toward the other…
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The Two Swans – from Jataka Tale #22

In one of his lifetimes, the Buddha was the king of swans. The commander of the swan army was the Buddha’s disciple, Ananda, in a former birth. Together they were devoted to the betterment of their subjects. When a human king in Varanasi heard of the two great swans, he wanted to observe them. So,…
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The Brahmin Student – from Jataka Tale 12

In one of his past lives, the Buddha was the diligent student of a pious and learned teacher who wanted to test the character of his students. He told them about the hardships of poverty and that only wealth can relieve the pains of it. The teacher said one of the methods of gaining wealth…
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The Beggar Wants An Eye – From Jataka Tale #2

At this time the Buddha was a wealthy, benevolent king whose generosity knew no bounds.  His joy in giving was limitless, so supplicants were not denied requests.  Gold, silver, precious gems, all were granted, whatever the desire. One day a poor, blind beggar asked the king for one of his eyes. With great joy to…
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A Question of Anger – from Jataka Tale #21

The Buddha was once born as a bodhisattva into a prosperous, noble Brahmin family.  He did not enjoy the life of a householder as he was accustomed to wisdom and renunciation as a bodhisattva of numerous lifetimes.  The noble Brahmin decided to set such a life aside and become a renunciate in the forest. His…
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