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Jewel Heart International Blog

Welcome to Jewel Heart's blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche's teachings, and periodic updates on what's happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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Clearing Self-Cherishing Will Reveal A Wonderful Person

On the Mahayana path, of course you have to work hard. No one says you don’t have to work hard. But you work also very smart, so that everything you do becomes extremely beneficial. I should not use that word because it has been overused. But it becomes very effective and reaches very far -…
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Managing Your Mind – Negative Addictions To Positive Choices

Every action we take, mental, physical or emotional, follows a thought of ours. Nobody just gets up and runs. People first think, “I want to get up, I want to go. I have pain, I can’t sit. I have got to get up.” Some thought comes and following that thought you act. Let’s say you…
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An End To Anger

“When you have been entertaining negative emotions such as anger, unless and until you acknowledge that you are controlled by these negative emotions, you continue to give negative emotions room for further growth. But as soon as you begin to see that your actions have been mean, terrible, that it’s not the everyday you, then…
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Realize What You Have Accomplished

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t apply patience right away. Even after years of practice, you may find that you’re still losing your temper. It’s all right. But you will also notice that the power of anger has weakened, that it doesn’t last as long, and does not as easily turn into hatred. Looking back…
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Attachment and Anger

The way attachment functions within the individual is very different from anger. Anger possesses you. It’s hot, you feel it, and you can see it coming. Attachment is cool, soft. It’s like dipping paper in oil. When the paper touches the oil, though you barely dip a corner of it, a large amount of oil…
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