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Welcome to Jewel Heart's blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche's teachings, and periodic updates on what's happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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The Direct Pain of Negative Emotions

So your anger hurts yourself. This is clearly demonstrated. You don’t know you are angry. You never think it’s going to hurt yourself. But the consequences are so clear: it does hurt you, so badly. That’s that. As anger hurts you, so does obsession, hatred and everything. This is how the negative emotions are functioning…
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Wisdom: Ending The Melodrama With A Balanced View

People talk about becoming Buddha and enlightened. How does this enlightenment build? How is it made? By negating all wrong things, all wrong views and deeds. The wrong deeds come because of the wrong views, because of wrong understanding, wrong perception. People do commit negative actions, because they have wrong information. Look at the extremist…
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Ending Our Suffering As Our Spiritual Legacy

The other day we talked very much about the preciousness of the human life. This preciousness is so true and so important. You don’t need the Buddhist teaching and the Central Philosophy to figure out whether or not life is precious. It is the good old American expression: you don’t need rocket science to figure…
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Losing Your Anger, Not Your Temper

These are the internal problems we have. Although I am talking about motivation, I am truly talking about how our mind is working, how our thoughts are working and what we can do about it. What can Tibetan Buddhism contribute to improve my mind? These are very important points to me. For me, personally, these…
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Now Is The Time To Make Ourselves Into Something Different

We are all running, all the time, physically, mentally and emotionally. That is the life we are in. That is our reality. buddha’s idea of liberation is based on these four. It tells you how people get into it and how they can get out of it. In the Lankavatara Sutra, Buddha says: Why are…
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