Hatred Is Our Own Osama Bin Laden Hiding In The Mountains Of Our Hearts

We must see that when we feel anger, we are not reacting to the person who harmed us, but to that person’s hatred. Their hatred has blinded them. They were unable to stand up for themselves. They submitted completely to their anger. Even though they think they are doing something great, consider how stupid they have actually been. They have become total slaves of their hatred. Who is a better candidate for compassion than that?

Their hatred hurts the whole world: physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally. We have witnessed a horrific example of how hatred can create suffering and pain for us all. No one is going to forget today, September 11. 9-11. And no one is going to forget how sad and terrible indeed it is. But it has given us a point to develop compassion, and to understand how hatred can be harmful.

This hatred is the cause of suffering not only for them, but for all of us. The real enemy is their anger, our anger, their hatred, our hatred, their violence, our violence. Our hatred is our own Osama bin Laden, hiding in the mountains of our hearts. If we can begin to consider hatred as the enemy, as your and my enemy, then we can begin to transform our anger into compassion. That will be how we can take advantage of an unfortunate and tragic situation.

~ Gelek Rimpoche, Tricycle Magazine, Winter 2001

The Real Enemy

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