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About Virtual Programs

White Tara Guided Healing Meditations

Tara, mother goddess of Tibetan Buddhism, is known for her quick and compassionate activity. White Tara is particularly associated with healing and long life. These guided meditations use visualization techniques to overcome physical, mental and emotional suffering. Facilitated by Jewel Heart Instructors. 

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. with Demo Rinpoche

Join Demo Rinpoche for weekly Sunday morning public talks, suitable for newcomers and long-timers alike, and followed by a facilitated group discussion based on the morning talk.

Healing and Compassion Meditations

Weekly sessions of guided meditations on healing and compassion for oneself and others and group discussion. Facilitated by Hartmut Sagolla.


Ganden Lha Gyema

The Ganden Lha Gyema is one of the most popular practices in the Tsongkhapa tradition. Ganden Lha Gyema is an easy, foundational practice that includes the basic teachings of Buddhism.

Green Tara

Green Tara practice evokes Tara’s many enlightened healing activities through recitation and guided visualizations, supporting helpful and healing ways to relate to ourselves and the world around us.

Lama Chopa and Tsoh

Lama Chopa is a comprehensive practice to help ground and strengthen our relationship with our spiritual teachers as well as the various activities that support realizing our fullest spiritual potential, to reach enlightenment for the greater benefit of all.

Medicine Buddha Puja

The Eight Medicine Buddha practice offers a powerful meditative basis to focus on healing for oneself and others, protection from dangers and obstacles, and eradication of the inner sicknesses of obsession, hatred and ignorance.

Group Practices facilitated by Jewel Heart Instructors.

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