Locho Rinpoche Visiting Jewel Heart

Locho Rinpoche Visiting Jewel Heart

By Gelek Rimpoche

We are really excited and waiting for Kyabje Locho Rinpoche to be able to walk in through the doors of Jewel Heart. The teaching that I requested was a little too much and I was a little afraid of requesting it, however, he very kindly accepted to teach Jamgon Lama Tsongkhapa’s “Essence of True Eloquence,” which is one of the major, major, major texts of Buddhist practice, philosophy and theology, and which Professor Thurman translated decades ago.

I intended to ask Professor Thurman to translate the complete teachings but in the meantime we got a wonderful translator, an American Buddhist monk, Stephen Carlier, who is a geshe (an outstanding scholar). Later, Thurman heard of my intention and when we met in New York, he told me he would be happy to translate whenever he can, but there are days when he has to lecture elsewhere. But whenever he is available he will come. Anyways, it is great Professor Thurman is joining us.

We would also like to make this teaching without charge. Any donations are welcome and will go to Kyabje Locho Rinpoche after the travel expenses have been paid.

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