Reminder To Share: Hatred Hurts Ourselves [VIDEO]



American people are so great, so wonderful, so kind, so generous. However, there is the need of that awareness that hatred and anger hurt not the other persons, but yourself. That education, that information, is not very popular with the American public. All of us could give that message, looking at this election and the consequences expected from this election, whether they will materialize immediately or subsequently. But bring awareness of the consequences of hatred and anger. That will be a tremendous public service, a tremendous service to the American people. This is what I like to remind you about today. Each and every one of us should send this on our email, our face book and with every way of communicating with people: hatred and anger results of this election may hurt ourselves. Expect the consequences.

If you can remind others and send this information as much as possible, that will definitely help the public. It is definitely a good service for a lot of good people. That is the very important practical Dharma teaching, particularly directly introducing how ignorance and hatred hurt ourselves. You cannot find a better teaching than this, because it is directly happening. We are angry, we slapped, but who gets hurt? Ourselves. Just remember that. This is the best Dharma teaching in my opinion. Very practical.

~ Gelek Rimpoche, Ann Arbor, November 13, 2016


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