Ensuring the Future of Jewel Heart

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask you to participate in our Annual Ensuring the Future Campaign. Your support is crucial in helping us continue to present teachings and preserve Tibetan Buddhism and Culture. We know times are hard but we hope you will help us meet our goal of raising $70,000.

This has been an extremely active year for me. So far, I have held 5 retreats globally, given 9 initiations and visited and taught at all of our centers worldwide, as well as numerous other centers. All of this is in addition to my ongoing regular workshops in the chapters, including the Songs of Spiritual Experience in Michigan and New York.

While my teachings remain true to the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, our presentation is firmly anchored in the 21st century. The teachings are regularly broadcast live over the Jewel Heart Subscriber Channel, which now also offers over 100 selected teachings On Demand. Individual downloads of the teachings and of 26 transcripts are also available to everyone, whatever your level of interest and experience. All broadcasts and downloads are compatible with all devices.

Work on the audio/video archive of my teachings in English continues to be a primary focus. Our goal is to make as much of this archive available on line as soon as possible. The archive currently consists of approximately 5,600 hours in digitized audio and close to another 5,000 in video. Your support in making this available on line benefits everyone interested in learning Tibetan Buddhism and furthers our preservation efforts.

About 200 of us just finished a ten day teaching, with transmission, of the Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, which is a compilation of a number of different Lam Rim lineage traditions. I received the basic Lam Rim teaching for the first time at the age of four in the retreat area in a cave outside of Lhasa. Before fleeing Tibet, I received this particular teaching from one of my great Masters, Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang himself. Today the same crown jewel of compassionate wisdom was broadcast on line, and captured for future viewing. Everything is possible!

Please support this important work and remember that every gift counts.

With the Blessings of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,

Gelek Rimpoche


Every gift counts!

If, for example, just 431 friends and members give between
$25 and $2,000 we can easily reach our goal:



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