Material Or Mental Happiness – Have We Seen The Results?

When you look at it, most of us do not really know what really brings joy and happiness to us. We presume, we imagine, we presume if we pray we may get some joy and happiness. Yes, pray is true. Prayer can answer. But it is simply asking for a second person and third person to help. But you can do it yourself. We can do it ourself. We are human beings – human beings with a human mind. Our capacity is really unlimited, unlimited. There is no such thing that human beings cannot achieve.

If you look back in our previous history at the Stone Age, how much we can do, what capacity we have. What do we have today in the 21st century? What capacity do we have – physically. What capacity we have medically. All these are human beings’ achievements. Even knowledge, you don’t have to look very far. Look at technology of communication. We can communicate thousands of miles within the matter of a second. Even you go deeper than that, we all know, people know exactly what you do, where you live, though we would like to protect our privacy. But no matter, whatever we want, those who want to, they know where you live and even what you are thinking. What you are planning in your own little room. So if they want they can look, if they want to they can listen without any difficulty. This is what we have established today. It is not a technology alone achievement. It is human beings achievement. Almost like, when you used to talk about God’s capacity, so we can even see that it is available with the human beings through technology. So that’s what human beings can do – materially. Because we pay attention on material things.

We don’t pay attention to mental things. This is our problem. This is our mistake. Our mistake is this, because we only see what we see. We only see what we look at. We will simply look outwardly, materially. So we have tremendous material development and we have tremendous capability of weapons and destruction – because of unlimited capability.

So we used to talk about the atomic bomb and we just saw it during the World War II, right? So we saw it and talk about it as huge.  Today if you look at the weapon’s capacity it will be that those bombs we used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki area is a joke today. Honestly. It is like a little kid’s toy – almost that point, the weapons capacity, we have reached to that point. Those who know, you know. Honestly.  So that is because we look in that, we spent time, we spent money, we spent energy, we did research, so that the human capacity has achieved all of those.

Yet that doesn’t really fulfill our needs. Our needs are joy and happiness. These weapons, all of this – actually we are shouting and screaming about guns which is really true and which we should, which is really true – however, if you really look in the weapons, those files and automatic guns and all of those are virtually nothing compared with those destructive powerful weapons. I don’t even know what you call them. So really that’s what we have achieved. Yet we also realize we cannot develop our joy and happiness and wishes cannot be fulfilled by the barrel of guns.

We also need to know that we cannot buy it by spending money or whatever. We cannot buy the joy and happiness. It is very well demonstrated by the Iraq war. It is very well demonstrated by the war in Afghanistan. It is very well demonstrated by every day different instances in the world have shown that you can neither get that joy, neither can you get that happiness. Neither can you buy them. Neither you can get them by guns nor can you get by them by money, because it is not an external thing.

It is an internal thing. What we have been lacking for the last century or more. What we lack is that we did not look internally. We thought joy and happiness is something externally arranged. Yes, it is true. It is dependent origination, but the conditions are internal – not external. Happiness is not some toy that you can buy, something like maybe a Samsung Galaxy 3 or a convertible VW or something. It is not a thing you can buy because it is not external. It is dependent origination however; conditions are internal rather than external.

So, the people who followed a spiritual tradition and who followed material facts, they went separate ways, as you know. Separately the material people follow factual material events. Spiritual people followed almost a faith oriented type of thing. But now what is happening is that actual material followers are making a 180 degree turn and following – because facts are leading them. The problem with spiritual practitioners, we look and it almost looks like its faith, so we don’t have to establish the truth-ness. But the materialists would like to establish it right – I am talking about scientists, not talking about material or money stance. The scientists follow the scientific pushes. That leads to now when we are coming together, coming on the same path again. Because truth is truth. And when you follow the truth path, you get to this. So now truly, it is the time that people are looking internally now, looking at the mind, looking at the mental state. You know it was almost like a crime to talk about the mind. It is the factual, literally, chemically, or mathematically way of dealing with people’s well-being and people’s health and everything.

Now, it is almost the other way around. It is a natural thing. It’s not so much the chemical thing. We begin to dislike –though we may call it, saying it is so much sugar, sugar, sugar and salt, salt – but really it is that we are disliking the chemical things. We are looking for the natural things. Natural also brings closer to the internal.

Truly joy and happiness is an internal matter. It is a mental thing, not the material thing. That’s why we cannot buy [it]; that’s why we cannot bring by the power of gun.

So you cannot buy by the power of money, by the power of the gun. So it is internal things. So at least, we all now begin to see that. We all now begin to know. If we put your energy to look internally, facing within our self, looking in, sort of with inside-looking, no doubt you’re going to find it. Because it’s factual; spiritual development is factual. Joy and happiness are symptoms of spiritual development. This is factual, therefore it is going to be found through all ways of means – through the spiritual means, through the scientific means, through any means it can be found because it is factual.

~ Gelek Rinpoche, Jewel Heart Ann Arbor, April 28, 2013
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