Solving the Problem of the Human Mind

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At least they {scientists} found that the meditation on love and compassion makes the individual happy, because some kind of brain cortex moves from here to somewhere else or whatever. So they are doing great there, but if you say the problems of today come from ego, they are not going to agree. Like the ISIS problem, is terrible, no doubt about it. Beheading people and burning people alive, who can imagine, unless we are back in medieval times. In European medieval history they said that if the women are too light they are witches and they burnt them. We have something like that in the history a thousand years ago and we talk about, but today burning people alive! All of these are ego problems. And if you tell the scientists or anybody that, they will laugh at you, for sure. They are not even going to entertain or even look.

But it is really our ego problem. The individual ego problem. And that cannot be challenged by guns or drones. Yes, you can smash them in one area, but they will pop up in another area. You will smash them in that area and they will pop up in yet another area. And then the home-grown things will come and you can’t go and bombard Miami or any other United States city. Then the United States will chase them. So this cannot be challenged by anger or by guns. It really has to be challenged by understanding. In our old language you can say: education, but at least understanding. You can see human mind and that cannot be changed by the barrel of the gun. You know that. We tried that at the beginning of the Iraq war, with guns in the right hand and dollars in the left.

So do you want dollars or you want guns? We will shoot you. That’s how it went, remember? All these millions and millions of dollars went like this in Iraq. So what happened in the end? That’s it. So it really proved that guns cannot do the job. Al Quaida maybe gone, but ISIS came and somebody else will come. That’s how it happens. Really to solve this problem, you have to solve the problem of the human mind. The human mind’s problem is the ego. It is really the one who holds everything. It is really the one who influences everything. It considers “me” the most important. Whatever we do, when we look at it, “me” as the most important is in our blood. Each and everyone of us does have that. For sure.

–Gelek Rimpoche
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