Hurricane Sandy

By Gelek Rimpoche

I was planning to go to New York and have a Jewel Heart Fundraising Dinner on the 29th, but Sunday was a topsy-turvy day, as we all know. Not only did we have to cancel our flight, but neither I nor Philip had a way of getting to New York that day. I thought of driving there, but the weather conditions became much worse. Then we had no alternative but to postpone it.

It is an amazing, unpleasant surprise when it hits our own country and especially New Jersey and New York City – one of the largest and most important cities in the world. It really shakes us up when it hits home. It reminds me what impermanence is all about. It reminds me what samsara is all about.

I personally called and checked on a number of our friends and for those I couldn’t reach Amy Hertz and Debbie Burr contacted them on my behalf and I am relieved that everyone is OK. For those who lost lives or loved ones, we pray and dedicate our positive deeds for their well-being.

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