H. E. Dagyab Rinpoche – Being A Good Human Being Pt 4

We are incredibly fortunate to have the visit of H. E. Dagyab Rinpoche in May at both Jewel Heart Ann Arbor (May 18-23, 2018) and Jewel Heart New York (May 26-27, 2018). As such, we highlight points 45-52 out of 52 topics for contemplation in the 2005 Tibethaus publication, BEING A GOOD HUMAN BEING (Some Fundamental Thoughts on Human Communication). The link to the first post based on this is here: https://www.jewelheart.org/blog/dagyab-rinpoche-being-a-good-human-being/

IV: Hatred

45. My aggression and my hatred can never bring me happiness. They destroy reason and harmony in myself, others and in society.

46. In the end, my harsh words will destroy me. They are like a boomerang. They can only give rise to DISTURBANCE in both parties/for all concerned – nothing else.

47. Gentle, clear, honest, and constructive speech enables me to accomplish practically everything.

48. If someone says “A” to me, I shall not say, “B.”

V. Arrogance

49. Even if I enjoy an excellent reputation in society, it is basically just a façade. In reality I am just a small, helpless human being. Therefore, arrogance is a falsehood.

50. Arrogance blocks the development of all good qualities. The moment I have a feeling of knowing something when I have in fact only grasped a fraction of the matter is the moment in which arrogance arises. This is very dangerous! “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

51. It is really disgraceful if I am still arrogant and egocentric in spite of this. (Especially) if I am a knowledgeable and experienced person, I am a bad example of human qualities and values.

52. It is a good sign if a sense of how little I still really understand becomes stronger in me, the more my knowledge of inner qualities deepens.

In short: I do not want to remain as stupid as I have been until now.

Final Remarks

Can I handle all these tasks in my present weak mental and spiritual condition? I am certain that my mental and spiritual strength and energy will (even) improve through them.

But it all depends on my (understanding and) appreciating this fact, and for this I need a sound mind. If I cannot move beyond my complicated, “Catch-22” mentality I should first seek psychological help. That is no disgrace!

It is much better to put these themes into practice than to be a seemingly pious person without the foundation provided by the points mentioned above.

There is a saying, “The teaching that has hit the bad conscience.” If I hear or read points such as those above I should feel concerned without being offended. Then the teaching has reached me.



This English translation is based on the original Version 3 in German (September 2005) 2. English Edition 2018 Excerpt from Dagyab Rinpoche’s book – Being A Good Human Being (Some Fundamental Thoughts on Human Communication), published by Tibethaus 2005


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