Is Buddha’s Wisdom True Today? [VIDEO]

So today, Buddha’s teaching is simply this:

Do not rely on interpretable statements, but rely on direct non-interpretable.

But who knows what is direct and not direct? Our own wisdom, which is linked up with the wisdom of the earlier great masters. And that will reveal the truth. That is the third reliability I wanted to talk to you about.

What we are building is this; that the essence of Buddha’s teaching is absolutely relevant to our life today, which will be able to contribute in our lives. Not necessarily bringing dogma to people, but there is tremendous wisdom and compassion and love within Buddha’s teaching, and you don’t have to be necessarily a Buddhist to be able to practice.

If you can find that within that, being a Buddhist, you are welcome and that is great. But my purpose is to bring those important points and make available to anyone who doesn’t have to be Buddhist and wants to be whatever they are, maybe staunch Catholic, or Christian, or Jewish, or atheist or whatever. These points have great benefit and service for people and that is why I am trying to bring it out and present it individually to anyone who can use it.

~ Gelek Rimpoche, Jewel Heart Netherlands, May 10, 2015

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