Jewel Heart Tunes

Jewel Heart Prayer Tunes

4 Immeasurables

7 Limbs

Avalokiteshvaras Long Mantra




Mig Me Tse

Om Mani Padme Hum

Perfection of Wisdom


Shakyamunis Mantra

Taras Mantra.mp3

Wisdom Mantra

Lama Chopa Tunes

01 Instantaneous Arising

02 Refuge A

02 Refuge B

03 Bodhimind

04 Bodhimind

06 Generating Supreme Field

11 Invocation.mp3

14 Seven Limbs Praise

19 Outer Offerings

24 Mandala Offering

25 Practice Offering

27 Inner Offering

28 Secret Offering

29 Offering What Is

30 Offering Medicine and Self

31 Remainder of Seven Limbs

36 Requests

46 Khyo Ni Lama.mp3

47 Four Initiations

49 Stages Of The Lam Rim

60 Tong Len.mp3

61 Continue Stages of Lam Rim

66 Paramitas

81 Dedication.mp3

83 Auspiciousness.mp3

Tsoh Tunes

02 Tsoh Inviting The Guests

04 Tsoh Offering To Guests

09 Tsoh Offering To Vajra Master

10 Tsoh Master Reply

11 Tsoh Dakini Song

18 Tsoh Left Over Offerings

Other Tunes

Vajrasattva mantra

Ushnishavijaya mantra.mp3

Medicine Buddha mantra.mp3

Gelek Rimpoche Name mantra chant.mp3

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