Gelek Rimpoche's contribution to the preservation of the authentic and seminal Tibetan Buddhist teachings within the Gelugpa tradition, for both present and future generations, cannot be underestimated.

Rimpoche’s teachings throughout American, Europe and Asia since the mid 1980s have been published and are available here as lightly edited transcripts.

Transcripts are currently available here downloadable for a minimal fee. Most of the transcripts are also available as kindle books from Amazon if desired.


Lojong In 8 Verses

Lojong In 8 Verses

Lojong In 8 Verses

PDF and EPUB Transcripts, 78 Pages

Eight beautiful verses of the Kadampa master Langri Tangpa reveal profound yet totally practical methods to the development of a real altruistic mind. Rinpoche explains these verses one by one, clarifies the message behind each of them and provides meditations on the two central practices of this training: equalizing and exchanging self and others and the give and take technique.

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