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Gelek Rimpoche’s contribution to the preservation of authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachings for both present and future generations cannot be underestimated.

This best selling author of Good Life, Good Death brings his traditional Buddhist training into dialogue with science, psychology, medicine, metaphysics, politics and the arts. He skillfully addresses the dilemma of living a spiritual life in a material world. These texts were compiled from Rimpoche’s live teachings.

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Gelek Rimpoche’s eloquent commentary on the Third Panchen Lama’s Quick Path, a guide along the stages on the path to enlightenment, includes guided meditations with visualizations and a pragmatic approach that we can carry into our daily lives.

One of the most thorough commentaries available on concentrated meditation, Gelek Rimpoche shares methods to develop deep, single-pointed meditation, as well as peace and joy in our lives. Includes 19 color plates on the Meditator’s Journey.

A compilation of teachings on the nature of mind addresses the relationship between energy and mind, the mind’s capacity for liberation and wisdom, and continuity of consciousness.

Gelek Rimpoche’s detailed explanation on the practice of White Tara, a female Buddha in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition who embodies maternal love, wisdom, and the power to prolong life.

Green Tara, Female Buddha of Enlightened Compassionate Activity, is revered and known by many names across diverse traditions. Tara’s ever present care and fearless wisdom quickly responds to those who call upon her and is precisely relevant for our needs today.

The Heart Sutra is the heart essence of Buddha’s teaching, and addresses how the relationship between our body and mind creates our everyday sense of existence. Rimpoche discusses the deeper meaning of reality as it is presented in the Heart Sutra.

This rare and profound commentary on an ancient Indian Buddhist lojong practice, or mind training, includes powerful methods to cut through self-cherishing and self-grasping, with the intention to remove obstacles on our path to enlightenment.

Gelek Rimpoche’s accessible presentation of Kachen Yeshe Gyeltsen’s root text and auto-commentary on mind and its functions helps us to relate to our lives and to others with a more realistic and resilient understanding.