Demo Rinpoche - 2022 Summer Retreat - Wheel of Sharp Weapons

Composed by Dharmarakshita, this ancient Indian Buddhist practice of lojong or Mind Training includes powerful methods to cut through self-cherishing and self-grasping and thus remove the obstacles to attaining full enlightenment.

The Wheel of Sharp Weapons mind training practice was bestowed on Atisha by one of his gurus of the mind training practices, Dharma Rakshita. Although there are some other mind training teachings of Dharma Rakshita, this mind training is most commonly practiced and well known. The Wheel of Sharp Weapons is easy to understand and very practical in our daily life. This teaching helps us to find faults inside ourselves and then outside, and also provides solutions for them. Many eastern and western practitioners are very happy with this teaching, and this summer retreat will be very interesting and helpful.

View Jewel Heart Reflections video generated by Jenna Wishnek from the 2022 Summer Retreat.

About Demo Rinpoche

Enjoy the Retreat comfortably onsite indoors, OR outdoors in a spacious 20 x 40ft tent where Rinpoche will teach most mornings. Set up includes chairs (socially distanced) and monitor/sound.  (Bring your own cushion, if preferred)

Monday – Sunday, July 11 – 17, 2022
Detailed schedule follows

Jewel Heart in-person attendance is subject to Jewel Heart’s policies and are regularly updated based on covid conditions. Please click to read the Self-Health Screen & Safety Confirmation Acknowledgement Form. By your onsite presence, you confirm you have read, understood and will comply with the policies. Proof of vaccination (and booster highly recommended) required at the door.


Fee: $400 / Give What You Can

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The Practice of the Triumphant Ma – Transcript by Gelek Rimpoche
The Wheel of Sharp Weapons – Transcript by Gelek Rimpoche

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