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Winter Retreat

2018 Jewel Heart Winter Retreat

Onsite Only
Jewel Heart
1129 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

The 2018 Jewel Heart Winter Mantra Retreat will begin on Friday, February 23, close on Sunday, March 4, and be held onsite at the Jewel Heart Center in Ann Arbor. There will be two separate mantra retreats

*1 - Vajrayogini Practice Mantra Retreat with a Fire Puja - This mantra retreat is open for those who have already received Naropa Vajrayogini highest yoga tantra initiation and related teachings by Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche or another qualified master.

All retreat participants will open the onsite Ann Arbor retreat together at 6pm sharp on Friday, February 23rd. If you have a conflict with the start time, contact Programs right away.

To complete the full retreat by March 4th, registrants may begin accumulating mantras prior to arrival in Ann Arbor.

Retreat Talks by Demo Rinpoche
Demo Rinpoche will speak to both retreat groups at the beginning and at the end of the retreat.

To confirm eligibility, or learn about beginning early, or report a conflict with February 23rd start time, contact Programs at the email listed below.

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*2 - Ganden Lha Gyema/Migtsema Retreat - Ganden Lha Gyema is the backbone of one's dharma practice, especially in Vajrayana, where guru devotion is indispensable. This retreat is open to all, including those who have been studying Lam Rim and would like to prepare for entering vajrayana. There are different options for participation, including completing a 100,000 Migtsema mantra retreat, which would extend beyond March 4th. To learn more about Migtsema mantra retreat options, please contact Programs at the email listed below.

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Feb 23 - Mar 4, 2018

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