Prayers for Blessings of the Close Lineage by Tsongkhapa 

Join Demo Rinpoche for a special teaching to commemorate the parinirvana of Jamgön Lama Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This year Rinpoche will base his talk on Tsongkhapa’s prayer to Lama Umapa Pawo Dorje, one of his important gurus. Lama Umapa helped him understand emptiness through a direct visualized experience with Manjushri. Through this connection with Manjushri, Tsongkhapa gained blessings to improve his spiritual practice and wrote this poem of gratitude to convey the range of practices to gain the same spiritual growth.

In this workshop Demo Rinpoche will comment on the heart-felt prayer by Je Tsongkhapa in which he makes supplication to Vajradhara, Manjushri and his lamas for developing faith, a pure mind and great compassion and wisdom in order to gain spiritual attainments for the benefit of all. 

At Demo Rinpoche’s request, two Jewel Heart instructors will talk about the four great deeds of Tsongkhapa’s life: the renovation of the Maitreya Statue at Dzingji monastery, his extensive work on the Vinaya, the establishment of the annual Great Prayer Festival  and the founding of Ganden monastery, especially the tantric prayer hall.

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