Practice/Tsoh Days in Tibetan Buddhism

There are several significant practice days in Tibetan Buddhism. At Jewel Heart we celebrate days such as Buddha’s Birthday, Je Tsongkhapa Day, the Dalai Lama’s Birthday, and Gelek Rimpoche’s Birthday, as well as twice monthly Tsoh days.

Tsoh literally means ‘collection’ or ‘gathering’. In many Jewel Heart chapters, we meet every 10th and 25th day of the lunar month for practice and tsoh offerings. In some chapters the actual dates have been adjusted to make it possible to observe them as a group. See individual chapter calendars for the specific meeting times.

In general, on the 10th day of the lunar calendar we celebrate the Tsoh within the Lama Chopa practice. Lama Chopa is an incredibly beautiful practice which richly illustrates and guides us through each stage of the path towards enlightenment. Reciting the Lama Chopa has been said to be one of the best practices for purification. When accompanied by a Tsoh offering, it also allows us the opportunity to generate and dedicate great amounts of merit. This is open to everyone and we welcome anyone interested in developing a better understanding of the principles and motives, which inspire our daily lives.

On the 25th day of the lunar calendar, we celebrate a Mother tantra tsoh. Vajrayana practitioners who have received a Heruka and Vajrayogini initiation are invited to participate in the long Sadhana practice/self-initiation and Tsoh. Although the practice is primarily for those indicated, anyone inclined to take part in the Tsoh offering alone is welcome to come and join in at the appropriate time; simply call ahead in order to confirm the timing.

There are two mandatory Tsohs dates per year during the Heruka Yab Yum Festival. These are mandatory for Heruka and Vajrayogini practitioners.

Tsoh offerings allow us, students and practitioners, a simple yet profound way to repay the kindness, inspiration, and guidance we receive from our teachers. While Tsoh offerings can be done individually it is lovely to practice together as a Sangha.

In many Jewel Heart chapters people meet to practice together. The sessions include experienced practitioners willing to share their experience in leading through these celebrations. Tsoh preparations are bought and set up ahead of time so, we do ask for a monetary donation when attending.

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