Translator Katrina Brooks explains what makes Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe’s upcoming teaching on Kamalashila’s Stages of Meditation (the final stages of meditation section) special.

Kamalashila was an eighth century Indian scholar at the renowned Nalanda University in India. At the invitation of the Tibetan King, he accompanied Shantarakshita to Tibet where they are credited for establishing the foundations of Buddhism. Kamalashila is widely revered as a great Madhyamaka author and wrote his Stages of Meditation expounding the fundamental shamatha and vipassanā meditation practices in a gradualist approach to attaining Buddhahood. The Dalai Lama comments on the Stages of Meditation, “This text can be like a key that opens the door to all other major Buddhist scriptures.”

Kamalashila’s teaching is vital, clear, and relevant for anyone’s practice. When obstructions to meditation arise, such as resistance to single-pointed concentration, Kamashila urges his reader to “meditate with delight” and remember the downfalls of distraction. Step by step, Kamalashila guides us through the stages of deepening our compassion, awakening mind of bodhichitta, and skillful means.

Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe is a highly revered, eminent scholar, known for his ability to carefully convey the depth and breadth of Buddhist wisdom teachings. As a genuine contemplative master and a member of the last generation extensively trained in old Tibet, Geshe Thabkhe’s unique insights and commentary on this seminal text is unparalleled. With translation by Katrina Brooks, these teachings will provide in-depth commentary and guidance to make ancient wisdom relevant for modern times.

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