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Transcripts: The Practice of the Triumphant Ma

Never before in the West, a Tibetan teacher gave such a detailed explanation about special visualization techniques concerned with healing and self-healing.

Transcripts: Healing Practices of White Tara

…any questions about this, please email or call 734-994-3387 x2. Never before in the West a Tibetan teacher has given such detailed explanations of special visualization techniques concerned with…

Transcripts: Transcripts

Gelek Rimpoche’s contribution to the preservation of the authentic and seminal Tibetan Buddhist teachings within the Gelugpa tradition, for both present and future generations, cannot be underestimated. Rimpoche’s teachings throughout…

Transcripts: Inspired Discipline

…difference? Gelek Rimpoche gives the example of the historical Buddha as well as the inspiring dedication of the Tibetan people to preserve the teachings in the midst of tremendous hardship….

News and Views: Become a Jewel Heart Member

…who are interested in preserving Tibetan culture as well as those who wish to practice it to ask them to join as members. Gelek Rimpoche would like to see the…

News and Views: Chapters

…in-depth courses and vajrayana practice. Programs include: Live and online courses Retreats Workshops Special guest speakers Traditional Tibetan Buddhist empowerments Initiations Pujas Community outreach includes: Charitable works Chaplaincy Meditation programs…

News and Views: Mind over Matter

…lesson, Gelek Rimpoche introduces the basic mantras and prayers of Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practice and recounts how he learned about spirituality as a child in the monastery in pre-1959 Tibet….

News and Views: Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe

…quotation to prove his point – not only from the early Tibetan masters, but also from the early Indian Mahapandits. It really shows what a great master scholar he is….

On Demand Audio: Inner World of Mind: Mind and Mental Faculties

…understanding ourselves and all we meet. On the basis of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Gelek Rimpoche explores mind and its functions, with a special emphasis on the six root delusions…

On Demand Audio: The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination – Session 5

As we live our lives, so much is unknown to us. Why this happens or that happens is a mystery. We ascribe this condition to ignorance or confusion. The Tibetan

Audio Downloads: Heart Sutra

Perhaps no other Buddhist text, either spoken or written, has been more popular than the Heart Sutra. It is recited daily in Tibetan, Chinese and Korean temples and monasteries. The…

Digital Dharma: Sundays with Gelek Rimpoche 21

Independence Day On the occasion of Independence Day, Rimpoche talks about modern Tibetan history and his own biography. It is important to appreciate the opportunities of freedom, choice, and self-determination….

Digital Dharma: Member Resources

…Yoga.mp3 Heruka Three Purities.mp3 Winter Retreat 2013 Lama Chopa Yamantaka Lama Chopa with Tibetan 2-16-13.pdf Heruka Lama Chopa with Tibetan 2-15-13.pdf Winter Retreat 2013 Prayers.pdf Visual Aids Skull Cup and…

On Demand Audio: Ganden Lha Gyema 1999 – 2000

…Jewel Heart New York. Gelek Rimpoche teaches on the basis of the Ganden Lha Gyema, a profound guru yoga practice within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Je Tsong Khapa, that…

Transcripts: Foundation of All Perfections

…A commentary on Je Tsongkhapa’s shortest lam rim, this outstanding introduction to Tibetan Buddhist principles and practice includes instructions and rich material for meditating on the stages of the path….

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