New York

The New York Jewel Heart center opened its doors in the mid 1990’s and has been consistently presenting the teachings of Gelek Rimpoche since that time. The center hosts teachings by Gelek Rimpoche in person and also via live web cast. In addition, the center hosts discussion groups the week following Rimpoche's teachings, which are led by senior students, as well as programs led by special guest speakers and workshops useful to practitioners at all levels.

Please check the Program Page to view more detail for each current program offering.

Location of Jewel Heart New York

Jewel Heart New York is located at 260 West Broadway in the Tribeca section of Manhattan and is easily accessible by cab and public transportation as well as by private automobile. The entrance to the center is located in the Saint John’s Lane alleyway that runs parallel to and between Varick Street and 6th Avenue (click on map for larger image).

The closest subway stops to Jewel Heart New York are the 1 train stop at Franklin Street and the A,C,E stop at Canal Street. The N, R stop at Canal Street is a few blocks south and east of Jewel Heart New York. The center can be accessed by private automobile from the West Side Highway. Please note parking restriction signs before parking and leaving your vehicle.

Center Usage

The following policy governing the use of dharma centers under the direct control of Jewel Heart has been established by Rimpoche, the Executive Directors, and Sangha Council Presidents. If you have questions, please contact Saara Cohen (  for clarification.

Jewel Heart Building Usage Policy 

Revised: August 9, 2013

This policy applies to each chapter for which Jewel Heart has the use of a building to meet and hold Jewel Heart functions. The chapters that are currently in effect are: Ann Arbor, Chicago, Cleveland and New York. This policy does not apply to other chapters and study groups for which there is no standard space utilized to meet on a regular basis.

1.      In general, the Jewel Heart buildings are reserved for the exclusive use of the respective chapters in which they are located and the local Sangha Council President in coordination with the local sangha is fully responsible for all aspects of use, including access and maintenance of said building.

2.      Exclusive use of Jewel Heart facilities include the use of officially sanctioned Jewel Heart courses and other events. Said courses and events will be approved beforehand by the local Sangha Council President who will receive additional approval from either the Executive Directors and/or Gelek Rimpoche.

3.      When said facility is not in use by the local chapter, the chapter may rent the facility to other groups or individuals under the following guidelines:

     a) Written request, preferably by email, addressed to the local Sangha Council president containing a brief but complete description of the requesting group or individual, proposed event and a brief but complete CV of the group organizer/leaders, and any and all other relevant information. This will be forwarded to Gelek Rimpoche and  the Jewel Heart Executive Directors for review.

     b) This request is approved by Gelek Rimpoche and/or the Executive Directors

     c) There is no conflict with a scheduled chapter event or an already approved and scheduled outside event.

 4.      Any individual local member wishing to use the center for any dharma reason may be able to use the center for a limited time, but in order to avoid any inconvenience or conflict with previous commitments, the individual or group must obtain approval from the local Sangha Council President, who is also incidentally a Dharma Coordinator.

5.      The amount of rent to be charged is set by Jewel Heart and may be changed from time to time by the business office.

6.      All prior approved rentals are subject to paying rent to Jewel Heart and may additionally be required to provide Jewel Heart with proof of insurance. A deposit is required to hold the space, unless otherwise agreed.

7.      Access to the local Jewel Heart space will be regulated by the Sangha Council President in accordance with the following guidelines:

     a) a limited number of keys will be made and each one numbered.

     b) the keys may NOT be copied except upon approval of one of the Executive Directors or the Sangha Council president.

     c) keys will be made available to those who regularly need access to the building, which includes the Sangha Council President, the building maintenance manager (if applicable), the facilitators for the active courses, and any prior-approved person to be decided by the Sangha Council President.

     d) the local Sangha Council President will keep a list of the numbered keys and the names of people who have each numbered key in their possession.

     e) for New York, keys are held  at the front desk of 260 West Broadway for a list of approved renters and approved JH Sangha members, all of whom must sign the key in and out, indicating the date, time and purpose of key access.