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Jewel Heart International Blog

Welcome to Jewel Heart's blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche's teachings, and periodic updates on what's happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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The Three Principles of the Path

The root text we are using is about taking the path leading to the ultimate fully enlightened stage. I will give a very brief and short explanation, so that you can really gain some kind of understanding of what it is. In the sutra path, there are three major principles that have a lot of…
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Introduction To Tara As Practice

Good morning everybody. We have come here to do a longevity and healing practice through Tara, or rather with the help of Tara, or maybe we should even say ‘within the sphere of Tara’s great energy’? The way in which the great masters of early generations have given this practice is not just to have…
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Awareness, Mistakes, and Actually Changing Toward Bodhimind

It is interesting. While we were reading those two chapters [ch. 4 and 5 in the Bodhisattvacharyavatara], they talk about how the bodhisattvas behave, how bodhisattvas function. One of them is very strange, saying that when you are talking to people, don’t point your finger at them, saying “Do this, do that.” They say, “Show…
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Doesn’t Matter What You Call It

The bottom line. You will hear so many things; you will hear ‘dzog chen,’ and ‘mahamudra,’ and ‘uma,’ and all sorts of things. I have nothing against all of these. But I tell you: the bottom line is that this is supposed to be the real weapon which destroys the ego. If it is not…
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Remembering Our Role In Avoiding Negative Emotions

Hatred is a terrible emotion. I don’t have to clarify. We went through with hatred for so many years. All 8 years of George Bush and Mr. Cheney. Plus four years of Obama. We went through with hatred, we have now reduced that a little bit, but still it is very much hatred. Either that…
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