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Welcome to Jewel Heart's blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche's teachings, and periodic updates on what's happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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H. E. Dagyab Rinpoche On Arrogance

V. Arrogance 49. Even if I enjoy an excellent reputation in society, it is basically just a façade. In reality I am just a small, helpless human being. Therefore, arrogance is a falsehood. 50. Arrogance blocks the development of all good qualities. The moment I have a feeling of knowing something when I have in…
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Enthusiasm vs Inferiority Complex

Yes, of course you don’t want to have superiority complexes and pride. Nor should you have an inferiority complex and thinking, “I am not capable, I am not good enough, I am not well educated, I can’t think.” That is an inferiority complex. You can think, you can manage, you can do all that. So…
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Buddhas 15 Days Of Miracles

At the same time, today is a very important Buddhist festival day. It is the day that the Prayer Festival, known as Mönlam festival, is held. Many of you are familiar with the word Mönlam. It is one of the important Tibetan spiritual celebration days. Even after we came to India in 1959, for a…
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Reflecting On The Advantages Of Having Patience

1)You have fewer enemies. Because you are not going to offend so many people, there will be far fewer people who dislike you and you will get along well with a lot more people. 2)You maintain friendships. If you are not touchy, then your friends will remain friends. If you behave as a touchy person,…
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The Six Perfections – What Is Patience?

What is Patience? Patience is the best ornament of real heroes, A supreme self-mortification to overcome delusions, The garuda bird to destroy the snake of anger, Armour to protect one from arrows of criticism. Knowing this, in every way familiarize yourself. With the armour of patience supreme. I, a yogi, did that myself; You, O…
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