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Jewel Heart International Blog

Welcome to Jewel Heart's blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche's teachings, and periodic updates on what's happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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Realize What You Have Accomplished

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t apply patience right away. Even after years of practice, you may find that you’re still losing your temper. It’s all right. But you will also notice that the power of anger has weakened, that it doesn’t last as long, and does not as easily turn into hatred. Looking back…
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Attachment and Anger

The way attachment functions within the individual is very different from anger. Anger possesses you. It’s hot, you feel it, and you can see it coming. Attachment is cool, soft. It’s like dipping paper in oil. When the paper touches the oil, though you barely dip a corner of it, a large amount of oil…
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Pay Taxes As Great Generosity But Disagree With War

Though you don’t go to war, pick up a gun and kill people, if you sit somewhere and issue the orders, and cause these human beings to go out of the human registration, you get equal the heavy negativity. That’s why politicians are very much suffering. Honestly. They have such a difficult life. At certain…
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Preserving Buddha’s Pure Teaching

Since it is Tibetan uprising day, let me tell you one thing: Tibetans have sacrificed so much for this tradition, this religion. Honestly. Today, there are political games and issues, but I am talking about generations, over a thousand years. First, Tibetans didn’t get proper Buddhist teachings, and suffered for 500 or more years, sacrificing…
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Dagyab Rinpoche: Being A Good Human Being

We are incredibly fortunate to have the visit of H. E. Dagyab Rinpoche in May at both Jewel Heart Ann Arbor and Jewel Heart New York. As such, we highlight the foreward and first 17 out of 52 topics for contemplation in the 2005 Tibethaus publication, BEING A GOOD HUMAN BEING (Some Fundamental Thoughts on…
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