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Jewel Heart International Blog

Welcome to Jewel Heart's blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche's teachings, and periodic updates on what's happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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Transforming Negative Circumstances

Sometimes you are in an environment where everybody is negative, everything is wrong. Don’t lose yourself. Tibetan Buddhism tells us when we get that we can do two things. One is to recognize that this is the result of my negative karma that I created earlier. Two is to think that by my experiencing this…
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Mysticism in Tibetan Buddhism [VIDEO]

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Let’s Do Something That Makes A Difference

Good morning everybody, and welcome to Tibetan Buddhism with Gelek Rimpoche. That’s me. As you recall, we basically are talking here about the essence of Buddha’s teaching, which travelled through the Tibetan lineage. The reason why we talked this is, as you remember, what does it mean to practice Tibetan Buddhism? We came to the…
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Spiritual Alchemy Through Bodhimind

We not only met with the teachings of Buddha, but we have this wonderful tradition of Jamgön Lama Tsongkhapa, and all these great beings. So just being good alone is not good enough. You have to be extraordinarily good. And you can easily do it. I almost like to say it here: if you can’t…
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Why Train Your Mind? [VIDEO]

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