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Welcome to Jewel Heart's blog, wisdom from Gelek Rimpoche's teachings, and periodic updates on what's happening in the Jewel Heart International community.

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That’s Exactly What It Is

In the Theravadin tradition, the goal you are striving for is to become an arhat. An arhat is free of suffering and the causes of suffering, free of the state which is known as samsara. samsara is a sanskrit word. in Tibetan it is called khor, which means anything that is circling. The state of…
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Begin Each Day With…

Begin each day with, “I am happy to be here today – may the wisdom gate be opened; may my practice be completed; may I bring benefit to all beings.” ~ Gelek Rimpoche, Wit & Wisdom

What Tibetan Buddhist Practice Can Do For You

Every Sunday, I do a talk for about an hour. So yesterday, I said clearly that if you don’t need money, if you really become a true practitioner who lives a very simple life, just surviving and managing, it is great, no doubt. But most of us are not in that category. We can’t. Even…
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Following A Tradition With A Lineage And 29th Day Soup

The spiritual path is the same thing we all definitely need. Otherwise you people won’t be here today. There is no reason why you would come here on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, with beautiful clean, pure white snow – a pure land must be something like that. Whatever else purer is there? Pure snow…
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The Wisdom Of Balancing

Almost everything to me is the balancing point. Otherwise it becomes too much. Even our food needs balancing. Sugar is terrible. [Robert] Thurman’s wife, Nena, told me it is, “poison, poison, poison.” Yes, it’s true, but you cannot completely avoid sugar, as we all know, though we say that white sugar is bad and so…
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