Gelek Rimpoche’s unique programs offer authenticity and accessibility, serving spiritual seekers at all levels of interest. Jewel Heart Programs range from introductory meditation sessions and public talks to community outreach programs, to in-depth study and vajrayana practice. All are supported by Rimpoche’s Collected Works, an extensive audio, video and transcript archive.

Teachings, retreats, workshops, courses, and special guests are available throughout our centers, with some activities accessible through online video subscriptions. Traditional Tibetan Buddhist empowerments and pujas are also offered throughout the year.

Community outreach includes programs such as free film and discussion, charitable works, speakers for educational and interfaith events and workshops, and meditation programs within prisons.

Jewel Heart programs are open to all, regardless of ability to pay. If unable to afford a fee, please speak with the registrar or course facilitator to discuss possibilities for partial or full scholarship. We also welcome donations in support of program scholarships.

Programs throughout all Centers, Chapters and Study Groups as well as invitations and requests are centrally supported by the Jewel Heart Program Department based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Program Department is supported by a national program committee.

Under Rimpoche’s direction, Jewel Heart Study Programs are designed to support genuine experiential development through study, discussion, meditation, and practice. Following Gelek Rimpoche’s books and transcripts and facilitated by Jewel Heart instructors, they help deepen one’s relationship with Gelek Rimpoche, dharma and sangha. Courses are available throughout Jewel Heart chapters and study groups and are offered at three levels, ranging from exploring the value of a spiritual approach in today’s world to serious and engaged study of the Tibetan Buddhist path.

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