Digital Dharma: Kindness and Genuine Smile – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 112
Digital Dharma: Jataka Tales: The Merchant Prince
Digital Dharma: Deep Good Nature – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 110
Retreats and Trips: Demo Rinpoche – 2022 Summer Retreat – Wheel of Sharp Weapons

Composed by Dharmarakshita, this ancient Indian Buddhist practice of lojong or Mind Training includes powerful methods to cut through self-cherishing and self-grasping and thus remove the obstacles to attaining full enlightenment. The Wheel of Sharp Weapons mind training practice was bestowed on Atisha by one of his gurus of the mind training practices, Dharma Rakshita….
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Events and Courses: 2022 Vesak Day – A Buddha is Born – Demo Rinpoche

In Tibet Buddhism, Vesak Day honors the birth, enlightenment, and death of Shakyamuni Buddha. Vesak is observed by many Buddhist traditions, although the actual month and day may differ according to particular cultures. This Vesak Day teaching by Demo Rinpoche provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the life of Buddha and to expand our knowledge…
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Retreats and Trips: Demo Rinpoche – 2022 Spring Retreat – Praise of Buddha

Kabsumpa is one of the great praises to Buddha written by Je Tsongkhapa. In this praise, unlike the Praise of Dependent Origination which focuses on emptiness, Tsongkhapa vividly depicts the image of Buddha as a way to pacify the negativities of his own mind. It also describes how Buddha himself attained a great victory by pacifying an army of demons. The main…
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Digital Dharma: Birth and Suffering in Life – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 109
Events and Courses: 2021 Je Tsongkhapa Day Lama Chopa & Tsoh

Wednesday, December 29 is Ganden Ngam Chu, the day Tibetan Buddhists commemorate the life and enlightening activities of Je Tsongkhapa. On this day, thousands of butter lamps are offered by communities worldwide. Join this traditional Lama Chopa practice recited in a combination English and Tibetan, along with food, drink and abundant light offerings. All are…
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Digital Dharma: Harmony and Faith – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 108
Digital Dharma: Life and Its Challenge – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 107

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