Digital Dharma: Don’t Panic – Stay Home – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 37
Digital Dharma: Glenn Mullin – Seventh Dalai Lama’s Prophecy of The Demo Tulku

Sunday Talk – March 15, 2020

Web Page: Healing Meditations and Practices

A Prayer for the Coronavirus CrisisComposed by Demo Rinpoche on March 16, 2020 All living beings are my parents,All living beings are my siblings.When all living beings are sufferingI fervently generate indestructible love and compassion. By the blessings of immeasurable loveBy the force of awareness of unmistaken truthOf all previous great holy beingsMay all living…
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Digital Dharma: Practice Compassion for Corona Virus – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 36
Digital Dharma: Fear Plays a Big Role in Our Lives – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 35
Retreats and Trips: Demo Rinpoche – 2020 Jewel Heart Summer Retreat

Dates for the 2020 Joyful Summer Retreat with Demo Rinpoche have been adjusted due to the current pandemic conditions.  During the 2020 Joyful Summer Retreat, Demo Rinpoche will base his teachings on Mind Training like the Rays of the Sun by Je Tsongkhapa’s close disciple Namka Palzang. This text combines the advice of Geshe Chekawa’s…
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Digital Dharma: Blind Faith and Aware Faith – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 34
Digital Dharma: Medicine and Prayer – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 33
Retreats and Trips: Demo Rinpoche – Chekawa’s 7 Point Mind Training – Memorial Day Weekend Teaching

The basis for experiencing happiness and suffering lies in our own mind. Ironically, being solely concerned with one’s own happiness actually leads to dissatisfaction and many other forms of mental pain and discomfort. The Seven Point Mind training offers methods to transition from a habitual perspective of self-centeredness to one that cherishes others more than…
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Digital Dharma: Three Causes of Crisis – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 32

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