Retreats and Trips: Kingdom of the Mind – Jewel Heart 2021 Summer Retreat with Demo Rinpoche

About Demo Rinpoche Buddhist psychology recognizes fifty-one mental faculties that affect our mind in positive and negative ways. Within that context Demo Rinpoche will explore the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination, where ignorance affects our actions through the negative mental faculties. Those negative actions result in negative karma. Understanding how the mind works gives us…
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Events and Courses: Anthony King, PhD – Neuroscience & Psychology of Meditation (2021)

Focusing awareness on present-moment sensory experiences of the body and breath is a foundational meditational practice that helps bring stillness to the agitated mind and provides opportunity to strengthen and focus attention. Learning to focus our awareness on somatic sensations within our bodies such as our breath, while sitting, lying down, or engaged in movement,…
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Retreats and Trips: Heart Sutra – Jewel Heart 2021 Spring Retreat with Demo Rinpoche

The Heart Sutra refers to Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings on the perfection of wisdom. Wisdom, carefully developed through questioning previously unexplored assumptions about how we, others and the world exists, can open our eyes to the true nature of reality, as it is. About Demo Rinpoche DATES/TIMES – Friday – Sunday, June 18 – 20Friday –…
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Events and Courses: Demo Rinpoche – Buddhist Philosophy: An Introduction (2021)

What is the basic belief system of Buddhism? Who is Buddha? What does Buddha say about the meaning and purpose of life? Join Demo Rinpoche to further explore these questions about Buddhist Philosophy. About Demo Rinpoche DATE/TIMES – Saturday, February 20 SUGGESTED READING for purchase: Gelek Rimpoche: Heart Sutra – Self and Selflessness Guy Newland:…
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Digital Dharma: 5 Points for Prevention of Covid – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 63
Events and Courses: Introduction to Buddhism – Demo Rinpoche (2021)

Who is Buddha, what does Buddhism have to offer, and how do we bring that to life in today’s complex world? Join Demo Rinpoche’s introduction to the 5th century BCE Gautama Buddha and his timeless teachings  – teachings that reveal every being’s pure basic nature and limitless potential. Understanding Buddha’s various methods, all honed to…
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Events and Courses: Roger Jackson – Mahāmudrā in the Geluk Tradition (2021)

Mahāmudrā, the Great Seal, is an essential meditative and ritual practice employed by Tibetan Buddhist traditions to understand and experience the nature of mind, and thereby attain liberation. Professor Jackson will discuss the Indian and Tibetan background of Mahāmudrā, its history in the broader Geluk tradition, and its practice as articulated by the First/Fourth Panchen…
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Events and Courses: MASTER CLASS: Pramana of Dharmakirti – Demo Rinpoche (2021)

Reasoning and logic are essential in order to reveal what is in fact true and reliable knowledge. Pramana is a Sanskrit term that Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist traditions use to refer to the elements necessary to recognize how knowledge is understood, and how its veracity and reliability can be ascertained. Drawing from Dharmakirti’s Compendium of…
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Events and Courses: Mahamudra – Glenn Mullin (2021)

Mahamudra, literally the “great seal,” refers to the ultimate nature of mind and reality, to a meditative practice for realizing that ultimate reality, and to the final result of this practice, ultimate enlightenment. This system of meditation works with both the conventional and ultimate nature of mind. Coming from Indian Buddhism through masters like Maitripa…
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Digital Dharma: Long Term Benefit for Yourself and Others – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 62

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