Blog Posts: Ride the Horse of Enthusiasm (Demo Rinpoche – Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. #211 June 30, 2024)

In Shantideva’s Bodhisattva’s Way of Life he says, After patience, you have to focus on enthusiasm.People who have enthusiasm will find enlightenment. Then he gives examples – Without wind there is no movement. Likewise, without enthusiasm we will not accumulate any merit. When we say merit, often we are thinking about a light. Something that we…
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Events and Courses: Demo Rinpoche: The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Part 7

The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life is one of the most beloved and important contributions to the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. 8th-century Indian scholar Shantideva gives detailed instructions on how to live in accordance with the altruistic bodhisattva ideals of helping others. In this series, Demo Rinpoche will guide us through Chapter 6, “Beginning with Patience,” starting…
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Blog Posts: Expectations Increase Negative Emotions Levels (Demo Rinpoche – Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times. #210 – June 23, 2024)

Sometimes in everyday life, one thing that causes problems is our expectations. In teachings like the Mind Training, they say “don’t hold hope”. I think what they mean by “hope” is expectations. There is a little difference between hope and expectations. Whenever you do something you can have hope, and that is your awareness of…
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Events and Courses: Meditation Technology 2024: Visualization Meditation

Visualization Meditation: Manifesting Compassion and Wisdom As part of analytical meditation, visualization uses analysis to create an image. It then utilizes concentrated meditation to firmly hold the image stable. By developing visualization techniques in meditation, the symbolism of the imagery takes root in not only cognitive but emotional parts of the mind, resonates deeply, and…
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Digital Dharma: Ride The Horse of Enthusiasm – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 211
Digital Dharma: Expectations Increase Negative Emotion Levels – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 210
Events and Courses: Demo Rinpoche: 2024 White Tara Longevity Initiation

Demo Rinpoche will give the White Tara Longevity Initiation as the conclusion to the 2024 Summer Retreat. The initiation will be at the Jewel Heart Center in Ann Arbor, MI. Retreat attendance is not mandatory to attend this initiation. This event will be followed by a potluck picnic. Visit the Ann Arbor chapter page for…
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Digital Dharma: Not Only Feeding, Teaching is Father’s Job – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 209
Digital Dharma: Avoid The Rumour Mill – Use Dharma Practice – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 208
Digital Dharma: Jataka Tales Summary – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 207

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