Events and Courses: 2022 Je Tsongkhapa Day Lama Chopa & Tsoh

Ganden Ngam Chu, also known as Je Tsongkhapa Day, is the annual commemoration of the life and enlightening activities of Je Tsongkhapa, the 14th century founder of the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, with offerings of practice and the lighting of thousands of butter lamps. While falling on Sunday, December 18 this year, we will…
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Digital Dharma: Gratitude for Loving Kindness – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 149
Digital Dharma: Inspection of My Three Deeds – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 148
Events and Courses: Venerable Thubten Chodron – Searching For The Self

Drawing from the seventh and newest volume of The Library of Wisdom and Compassion series with the Dalai Lama, Venerable Chodron will explore the subject of emptiness, one of the most central teachings in Buddhism. Searching for the Self delves deeply into the topic of the ultimate nature of reality, presenting it from a variety…
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Events and Courses: Robert A. F. Thurman – The Buddhist Scientific Centrist View (2023)

The Buddhist Inner Science Centrist View of Nagarjuna, as interpreted by Buddhapalita and further clarified by Je Tsongkhapa, states that the ultimate truth, emptiness, is totally compatible with conventional reality: nothing exists intrinsically from its own side, yet is in perfect harmony with the conventional truth, that everything is dependently originated. This undermines the root…
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Web Page: 2022 Samdhong Rinpoche – Preparing for Vajrayana

Samdhong Rinpoche – Introduction to Vajrayana Audio Only

Digital Dharma: Condescension is the Root of Carelessness – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 147
Events and Courses: Meditation Technology

Senior Instructors Hartmut Sagolla and Supa Corner offer monthly online guided meditation, instruction and discussion sessions on various topics. Watch Live. Stream Later. With so many meditation topics available, knowing how to begin a personal daily practice can be confusing. Sessions 4 – 12 present the Foundation of All Perfections, the stages of the spiritual path from…
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Events and Courses: The Longevity Practice of White Tara – Demo Rinpoche

White Tara is a core Jewel Heart practice based on a powerful and unique practice lineage. Transmitted by Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche and Demo Rinpoche, it is a rich practice with visualization meditations to help alleviate physical, mental, and emotional suffering. White Tara is particularly associated with healing and longevity, with her light-natured white color signifying…
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Digital Dharma: Learn Not To Be A Fool – Demo Rinpoche Sunday Talk 146

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