In this session, you will be experience the video recording of a public talk given by Gelek Rimpoche at Jewel Heart Jewel Heart New York on January 25, 2014.

In this teaching, Rimpoche opens the conversation by saying each of us can become buddha and that to accomplish that, we will need a reliable path that will deliver the ultimate goods as well as bring peace along the way.

From there Rimpoche shares remarkably succinct and grounding advice about the steps necessary for our journey. These include building guru devotion alongside a committed interest in clearing all of our obstacles to becoming rich in the qualities necessary for true happiness. Rimpoche tells us we then use our understanding of true happiness to grow into our ability to serve all beings on their path to the joy that has never known suffering.

With moving personal testimony on the primary role our efforts play in the success of our goal, Rimpoche inspires us to take his clear presentation of three principles of the spiritual path to heart. To recognize these three principles can be the fundamental basis of all we do. To walk the walk to the best of our ability, targeting and addressing our obstacles and our strengths, day by day, stage by stage, on our path to enlightenment.

This single session is approximately 2 hours in length.

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