In this session, The Nature of Mind – Part One, you will be viewing a lightly edited video recording of a public talk given by Gelek Rimpoche at the Jewel Heart Chicago Center on Saturday, April 19, 2014.

Rimpoche opens the topic from the perspective of seeing mind as being in the “nature of emptiness”, and that when Buddhists use the word “wisdom”, it refers to knowing what that “emptiness” is all about.

Rimpoche points out that by our reliance on a sense of “me” deeply within, our lives are placed into a circle of tension between “me/my” and “you/yours”. This tension engenders negative thoughts, emotions and deeds that call us to protect and preserve the “me and my” that we have assumed is there.

Sharing that many scientists, including Stephen Hawking, now recognize the Buddhist understanding that there is nothing indivisible, that everything is dependent, is interdependent, Rimpoche poses we consider questioning our assumptions about what is and isn’t there, deep within, and he likens Buddhist wisdom to a drastic pulling of the carpet from underneath the feet of our “egos”.

Sharing the example of unwittingly passing along an empty treasure, he emphasizes that with wisdom we can align our perspective to truth and rely on that wisdom to make a difference in our lives. Rimpoche explains that by seeing interdependence, we can understand that we can take up our responsibility for ourselves; that our life, our goals are in our hands.

This session is approximately one hour in length.

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