In this session, you will be listening to an unedited recording of a public talk given by Gelek Rimpoche at Jewel Heart Ann Arbor, MI on January 18, 2014.

Gelek Rimpoche opens this teaching with New Year wishes for everyone and shares a little about his recent experience attending His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings in India over the holidays.

Rimpoche then talks about working with our mind on the basis of our own life, with care, love and compassion for ourselves as a gradual process that we then extend, first to those with whom we are connected and ultimately to all beings. In this way, relying on karmic causes and effects, we slowly generate a fundamental shift that may initially escape our notice.

Rimpoche continues by saying that on the basis of truly doing this foundational work, Vajrayana can make a difference to our spiritual development’s timeline. Highlighting the importance and rarity of meeting Vajrayana, Rimpoche catches our attention when he uses the example of a few threads being tossed from a larger blanket – aka, the thousand year golden period of Vajrayana in Tibet – that scatter around the globe. Even so, says Rimpoche, each of those threads is capable of delivering the goods and provide the opportunity we need, if we connect with energy and effort.

This single session is one hour in length.

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