In this session, you will be viewing a lightly edited video recording of a public talk given by Gelek Rimpoche at the Jewel Heart Chicago Center on Saturday, April 19, 2014.

In Part Two of The Nature of Mind, Gelek Rimpoche refreshes that we are talking about how to handle our lives through spiritual practice. He offers the key perspective of taking responsibility for ourselves and how that plays out through our efforts and their results, or karma. Karmically, love and compassion serve us well and Rimpoche reminds of us of the natural happiness we experience when we bring protection and joy to others. By drawing a line between hurting and helping others or ourselves, we are able to address both clearing negativity and building positivity and consider the next step of bodhimind.

Rimpoche shares some of the qualities of bodhimind, the compassionate dedication to be buddha in order to help all beings, while noting that enlightenment needn’t only be considered from a Buddhist perspective. He stresses the importance of seeing our own potential and confidently making the choice to take on this personal responsibility in each of our own lives. With love, compassion and ultimately bodhimind, we can develop our potential for spiritual service through training ourselves, through training our mind to become perfect.

The teaching is followed by a Q & A session.

This session is 50 minutes in length.

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