In this session, you will be experience the video recording of a public talk given by Gelek Rimpoche on June 3, 2011 in Boyne City, MI with Jewel Heart Northern Michigan.

While reviewing Buddhism’s journey from India to Tibet to the United States, Rimpoche shared the efforts and decisions Tibet made for a thousand years in order to maintain the purity of Buddha’s teachings – efforts that are bringing benefit to the world today.

Following the events of Buddha’s life story, Rimpoche tells us Buddha came to see that we can find joy and bring an end to our suffering by embarking on the spiritual path of working with our mind. Rimpoche highlighted three essential aspects of Buddha’s message for those on the Mahayana path, referring to them as the essence of Tibetan Buddhism.

The first is determining to seek freedom from suffering, and to find joy and happiness in our lives. The second is to develop that same determination – not solely for ourselves, but for all beings. The third is to gain the wisdom of understanding the reality of interdependence and knowing what to do to bring the previous two aspects into being.

This single video session is a little over an hour in length and includes a brief Q & A period.

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