In this session, you will be experience the video recording of a public talk given by Gelek Rimpoche on August 20, 2011, at the request of Lagon Rinpoche in Pittsburgh, PA.

In this teaching, Rimpoche begins by saying that the Buddhism of 2600 years ago remains equally relevant for the world we live in today. This, shares Rimpoche, is because we continue to have the same source of difficulties, the same negative emotions of anger, hatred, obsession, and jealousy; all of which are rooted in the ego combination of fear and confusion.

Presenting the Four Noble Truths as the essence of Buddha’s message, Rimpoche points out that the first Truth of Suffering brings us awareness as well as a desire to root out the causes of our suffering. Stating that we have the very same capacity as Buddha did, we learn from Rimpoche that the difference between whether we root out our suffering or not simply depends on our diligence or our laziness.

Then, to successfully target and overcome the enemy within, Rimpoche introduces us to morality, love/compassion, and wisdom, sharing that these three are the spiritual path that will help us deal with negativity, with the consequences and causes of suffering.

This single video session is approximately 45 minutes in length. The audio version includes a Q & A session that totals approximately two and one half hours in length.

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