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White Tara: The Blessings of Healing and Longevity

We invite you to enjoy the following edited video or audio teachings by Gelek Rimpoche.

Gelek Rimpoche is very closely affiliated with White Tara and often shares with his audiences how valuable and important Tara practice has been for his own life and health. Rimpoche introduced Tara and her practices right from the beginning, offering a profound practice that is accessible for everyone, whether an audience of non–Buddhist or long time Buddhist practitioners.

Here, Rimpoche introduces us to White Tara and shares how very relevant she is for today’s complex and chaotic world with her ability to protect from fear and awaken love in all. During this Blessing Ceremony and teachings Rimpoche introduces Tara, offers guided visualization meditation in order to heal and balance the mind and body, explains and give us Tara’s mantra and presents other ways we can utilize Tara’s healing energy.

This Tara Blessing Ceremony and teachings were given New York in 2006.

This session is approximately one hour in length.

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