The Mahayana Path – from Theravada to Vajrayana

Mahayana is based on Theravada principles like Four Noble Truths and 12 links of dependent origination. Wisdom is common to both, but bodhimind is the distinction. Most people develop bodhimind first, but some develop wisdom before bodhimind. According to Theravada, personal nirvana and buddha hood are two ultimate results. Theravada acknowledges buddha hood but does not teach a method to reach it.

According to Mahayana, everyone will eventually achieve buddhahood. Those who have attained the personal nirvana of the Theravada will enter the Mahayana path at the path of seeing. The Mahayana sutra path shows the way to buddha hood over 3 countless eons. Vajrayana can bring buddha hood in one life time, based on practicing development stage and completion stage.

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This Sunday webcast, May 25, 2014, was sponsored by the Jewel Heart Chicago Sangha.

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