Four Aspects of the Truth of Cessation and Path of Cessation

Rimpoche begins with talking on bodhimind, drawing attention to the 22 types of bodhimind and the shepherd like bodhimind. Then he continues with the 16 aspects of the Four Noble Truths, in terms of the four of the Truth of Cessation, which are: abandonment of suffering, pacification of the causes of suffering, satisfaction because it is helpful, joyful and liberated and definite emergence, because suffering can never return. Rimpoche concludes with the 4 aspects of the Truth of the Path. The first is the path, which directly encounters emptiness, it’s suitability, because it is the correct path that serves as antidote to the afflictions, it is an achiever because of its unmistaken realizations and it is deliverance, since it is irreversible.

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This Sunday webcast, August 10, 2014 was sponsored anonymously.

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