Nirvana is Peace

Rimpoche gives concluding talk on the four seals, first revisiting the third seal: all phenomena are empty. This is the antidote to self-grasping, the root cause of all negative emotions and cause of all suffering, from personal problems to big wars. The self only exists through causes and conditions. Other than there is no core of self. it is also not the mind, which itself has many parts. Different schools of philosophy developed many different viewpoints. It is good to study those to challenge and refine one’s understanding of reality. One can only negate something that is falsely held. Therefore, ultimately truth will prevail, because it is reality and because of our capacity of mind and our supporting conditions we are able to realize emptiness.

Nirvana is Peace, because it is the cessation or exhaustion of all negativities, particularly the wrong view of reality. Because that is false and impermanent is can be exhausted and nirvana is a possible personal achievement.

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