The Four Conclusions – Emptiness 1

Gelek Rimpoche takes us through the third of the Four Conclusions (or Four Seals of Buddhism) ie. all phenomena are empty and selflessness. He starts by sharing some different Buddhist views on the identification of self from the basis of self as existent up to Nagarjuna’s scope of emptiness as dependent arising. Emptiness of self-independence is then referred to as selflessness. Emptiness itself comprise of emptiness of self as person and emptiness of phenomena. The many levels of emptiness are not mutually exclusive. Every level of emptiness is serving a purpose which is wisdom and is the antidote to the many negativities. Once we know emptiness, the red carpet from underneath the ego’s feet is removed and that is what wisdom does. This is therefore the resolution of Buddha and his disciples in the form of the Four Conclusions.

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