The Four Conclusions – Emptiness 3 (cont)

Gelek Rimpoche further elaborates on the third of the Four Conclusions ie. every phenomenon is empty and selfless, emphasizing the importance of the point here – selflessness. The interpretation of self in relation to emptiness is made through the different schools of Buddhism in which some schools subscribe to the external identity for the self and to be free of that is termed as emptiness whereas the view of the “basis of all” states that other than the basis of all, is emptiness. The views of other teachers on emptiness state that everything exists through circumstances and this is considered to be the outstanding understanding. The phrase of continuity of discontinuity is aptly mentioned here. The practical application of the Four Conclusions is illustrated ie. everything (including negative effects on our minds) is changeable, correctable and are exhaustible and when that happens peace (Nirvana) is found.

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