The Four Conclusions – Emptiness 2 (cont)

Gelek Rimpoche starts of by reviewing the Four Conclusions. He reminds that the first of these is that all created phenomena are impermanent and therefore the moment things are created, in their own nature the mechanism of its destruction is already attached and functioning. The second is that everything contaminated is suffering and therefore for as long as the mind is not pure, it creates all the sufferings. So it is most important to watch your own mind all the time. The third is that all phenomena are in the nature of emptiness. Here Rimpoche explains that interdependence is the bottom line for understanding emptiness and selflessness. The fourth and final of these is that nirvana is peace. Here, Rimpoche elaborates that everybody will have the time and chance to be pure, because impurity in ourselves again is in the nature of destruction, the nature of exhaustion.

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