The Four Seals of Buddhism (Four Conclusions)

Rimpoche starts off with the appreciation of the precious human life with its opportunities, freedom and facilities to making a difference to our own life and that of others. He goes on to define a Buddhist as one who accepts that Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are perfect objects of refuge and one who accepts the Four Buddhist logos or the Four Conclusions. The first of which is that everything created is impermanent and the second is that everything contaminated is suffering. The third is that every phenomenon is in the nature of being empty and selfless. The last is that nirvana is peace. Rimpoche cautions that emptiness however, is not the result of a correction but the result of a negation and the selflessness which is the negation of self, is the antidote of ego. The essence of the dharma therefore is the correction of our mental addictions and meditation makes it stronger.

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