10 godly dharmas (3 by body gateway) and 16 worldly good dharmas (respect for all)

Gelek Rimpoche continues to explain the 10 godly virtues by reminding us about the appreciation and embracing of the human life which are referred to in the lam rim teachings as the 10 endowments and eight leisures that the precious human life has. The 10 godly virtues comprise the three by body, four by speech and three by mind which essentially refer to the three doorways through which good and bad actions are done. Of these he explains the three that are committed via the body gateway which are killing, stealing and sexual misconduct and that the power of which is greater with a stronger motivation. The corresponding virtue is principally explained as making a conscious effort of not committing these non-virtues. Rimpoche concludes with the 16 human pure dharmas amongst which is respect for the Three Jewels which also includes respect for self and others.

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