In this series, you will be listening to lightly edited audio teachings given by Gelek Rimpoche at Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor as part of the 1993 weekly Tuesday night series titled 37 Wings of Change.

The 37 Wings of Change, also known as the 37 Wings of Enlightenment, explains essential points for spiritual development along the path to total enlightenment. When we look at the 110 qualities of enlightenment, in one way of counting, 37 are commonly shared at the beginning level of practice, 34 are added at the bodhisattva level, and 39 more at the extraordinary Buddha level.

Gelek Rimpoche’s lucid commentary on the 37 qualities provides us with a measure for our spiritual development, sharing that if we are able to practice these points, to really spend time with them and to meditate on them, they will become our qualities.

12 sessions in total, they range from approximately a little under to a little over one hour in length.

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