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The audio-on-demand teachings by Gelek Rimpoche and other guests on the extensive range of dharma topics in this section are available for digital dharma subscribers.

Heart Sutra: The Freedom of Understanding Reality As It Is


In this series, you will be listening to original unedited audio teachings by Gelek Rimpoche at the 2012 Memorial Day Weekend Retreat, Heart Sutra: The Freedom of Understanding Reality As It Is, held at Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY.

The focus of the teachings is the Heart Sutra, the heart essence of Buddha’s teaching, and addresses how the relationship between our body and mind creates our everyday sense of existence.

Rimpoche discusses the deeper meaning of reality as it is presented in the Heart Sutra and shows us how we can transform ourselves as well as our relationships with others, with our environment, and the entire universe. Through transcendental wisdom, we can discover how an ordinary individual can develop into an extraordinary, fully enlightened being – the highest possible level of human development.

Eight sessions in total, they range from just under an hour to two hours in length.

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