In this series, Five Object Ascertaining Mental Faculties, you will be listening to lightly edited audio teachings by Gelek Rimpoche. These teachings were part of a series on mind and mental faculties titled Inner World of Mind and taught at Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor and New York during 2007 – 2008.

The titles and descriptions of the five sessions are listed below –

Session 1

According to Buddhist philosophy, there are 52 aspects and functions of mind. Gelek Rimpoche tells us that “If you recognize them, you can use them to master anything.”

In this session, Rimpoche reviews the Five Omnipresent Faculties of Mind (feeling, discernment, intention, contact and attention) as well as introduces the first of the Five Object Ascertaining Mental Factors – aspiration.

Session 2

The second of the Five Object Ascertaining Mental Faculties is belief, which helps us to hold to our principles. When this mental factor functions properly, we are able to keep to our convictions with an open mind rather than relying on stubbornness.

In this session, Gelek Rimpoche explains that all virtue can rise from belief, or a strong holding to what we feel is true and right for us. The opposite of belief is “flip-flopping,” or being easily swayed by the opinions of others.

Session 3

In order for Buddhist teachings to be useful, it is important they are fresh to our minds daily. The mental faculty of mindfulness helps us retain what we have learned; able to remember to maintain our focus on what is important in life.

In this session, Gelek Rimpoche presents mindfulness as an antidote to our “wandering mind” – a mind that lets knowledge go “in one ear and out the other.” Equally applicable to all of life, spiritual development depends on mindfulness.

Session 4

We need the mental power of concentration in order to rid ourselves of negative thoughts and behaviors. To develop our faculty of concentration, we can choose from a variety of objects.

In this session, Gelek Rimpoche suggests five objects of concentration that are useful for purification and overcoming negativity.

Session 5

In this session, Gelek Rimpoche teaches that wisdom is both the best weapon to cut through doubt and the root of all good qualities. He explains the essence of this mental faculty through four logical reasonings. Wisdom is not external. It is with us, within us. It is accessible now and at all times

Five sessions in total, they range from just over thirty minutes to under one hour in length.

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