In this session, you will be listening to an unedited audio recording of teachings given by Gelek Rimpoche on

August 20, 1991 at Jewel Heart Ann Arbor.

Tuesday evening teachings with Gelek Rimpoche at Jewel Heart in Ann Arbor was a tradition that continued for many years. In this week’s session Rimpoche discusses the “True Value in Life”.

Rimpoche begins the session by elaborating on the meaning behind the opening prayer’s verse which evokes the desire to “never be parted from the stainless path” of Buddha’s teachings. Offering examples of the rarity of meeting with the Dharma, of connecting with interest and effort, Rimpoche reminds us of the value of continuously taking advantage of life’s precious and fragile opportunity to truly make a difference in our lives.

Rimpoche shares that our spiritual practice really begins when we are able to embrace our life. He explains that through analytical and concentrated meditation our practice will be able to fulfill two purposes: make us happier and able to take the essence out of life, able to reach our destination.

This single session is approximately one hour and one half in length.

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